KATHERINE APPLEGATE, Ph.D.  katherine.applegate@duke.edu.   Chronic pain; neurophysical aspects of traumatic pain, injury and stroke.

DEBORAH ATTIX, Ph.D. deborah.attix@duke.edu.  Clinical Neuropsychology Service.

CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS, Ph.D.  christopher.edwards@duke.edu.  Psychoneuroendocrinology of stress, pain and metabolism; the interactions between the neurological, endocrinological, and psychiatric systems as they effect and maintain diseases such as diabetes, sickle cell and general chronic pain syndromes; cultural diversity training issues.

MIRIAM FELIU, PsyD.   Miriam.feliu@duke.edu.  Chronic pain; neurophysical aspects of traumatic pain, injury and stroke; cognitive rehabilitation; multicultural aspects of diagnosis and treatment of minorities; complex regional pain syndrome and spinal code stimulator; evaluation, education, and management.

MEG D. LINEBERGER, PhD, CBSM.  Meg.lineberger@duke.edu.  Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic. 

SHAWN M. MCCLINTOCK, PhD, MSCS.  Shawn.mcclintock@duke.edu.  Brain Stimulation and Neurophysiology.

MELISSA L. MILLER, PhD.  Melissa.l.miller@duke.edu.  Dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, individual skills training and educational training courses for family members. 

ANDRADA NEACSIU, PhD.  Andrada.neacsiu@duke.edu.  Dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy.

GUY POTTER, PhD. Guy.potter@duke.edu.  Age-related memory disorders, risk and protective factors for late-life cognitive health in the context of epidemiological studies. 

M. ZACHARY ROSENTHAL, Ph.D.  mark.rosenthal@duke.edu.  Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for borderline personality disorder; cognitive behavioral therapy for victims of sexual trauma with multiple diagnoses, as well as PTSD and other anxiety or mood disorders. Research on sexual trauma, emotion dysregulation, DBT, and treatments for difficult-to-treat individuals in the "real-world."

REBECCA SHELBY, Ph.D.  rebecca.shelby@duke.edu.  Cancer Behavioral Symptom Management and Support.

MORIA SMOSKI, Ph.D.  moria.smoski@duke.edu.  Dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy.

TAMARA SOMERS, Ph.D.  tamara.somers@duke.edu.  Cancer Behavioral Symptom Management and Support.

LAURA WEISBERG, Ph.D.   laura.weisberg@duke.edu.  Eating Disorders: outpatient therapy for bulimia and anorexia.

KATHLEEN WELSH-BOHMER, PhD.  Kathleen.welshbohmer@duke.edu.  Characterization of early stage Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias in individuals considered at high risk of developing the disease (genetic history or advance age); Genetic and environmental contributions to Alzheimer’s Disease and age-associated cognitive decline through the study of well-defined populations; Exploration of biological basis of differing phenotypic expressions of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias by examining the relationship of clinical expressed disease to putative biomarkers.

NOGA ZERUBAVEL, PhD.  Noga.zerubavel@duke.edu.  Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Individual, couple, and group therapy. Interventions for adults who have experienced trauma including treatment of PTSD, dissociative disorders, borderline personality disorder, as well as other mood and anxiety disorders.   

NANCY ZUCKER, Ph.D.   nancy.zucker@duke.edu.  Eating Disorders: outpatient therapy for bulimia and anorexia



GEORGE (Tripp) AKE, Ph.D.  George.ake@duke.edu.  Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH)

JESSICA R. AVERY, PhD.  Jessica.r.avery@duke.edu.  ADHD Clinic. 

MELANIE J. BONNER, Ph.D.  melanie.bonner@duke.edu  Clinical child and pediatric psychology, anxiety and children with chronic illness, health care utilization, and assessment of Neurocognitive sequelae of illness.

ERNESTINE C. BRIGGS-KING, Ph.D.  ernestine.briggs@duke.edu.  Trauma-focused child and adolescent cognitive behavioral therapy and interventions, community and school-based interventions, family therapy, research on child maltreatment, domestic violence, trauma, and anxiety disorders.

KAREN CARMODY, Ph.D.  karen.appleyard@duke.edu.  Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH). 

RHEA CHASE, Ph.D.  rhea.chase@duke.edu.  Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH)

NAOMI ORNSTEIN DAVIS, Ph.D. Naomi.davis@duke.edu   ADHD Clinic

GERALDINE DAWSON, Ph.D. geraldine.dawson@duke.edu.  Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development Clinic.  Dr. Dawson oversees early intervention and assessment services, including infant-toddler assessments. She is a certified therapist, parent coach, and trainer in the Early Start Denver Model, an early intervention model appropriate for infants through preschool aged children that blends relationship-focused and ABA strategies. 

DAVID GOLDSTON, Ph.D. David.goldston@duke.edu  Specialty involves working with depressed and/or suicidal teenagers and younger children who have problems with temper outbursts or disobedience.

P. SUSAN HAZLETT, Ph.D.   pamela.hazlett@duke.edu  Couples and family therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy with adults, parent training in treatment of ADHD and ODD, behavioral marital therapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy.

NICOLE HEILBRON, Ph.D. nicole.heilbron@duke.edu  Child, adolescent, and young adult treatment of mood disorders, suicide-related thoughts and behaviors, nonsuicidal self-injury, and anxiety (with particular focus on PTSD, OCD), individual, family, and couples therapy.   

SCOTT KOLLINS, Ph.D.  scott.kollins@duke.edu  Child and adolescent psychopharmacology, child and adolescent behavior therapy, research on the psychopharmacology of stimulant medication.

CHRISTIAN MAURO, Ph.D.  christian.mauro@duke.edu.  Individual and family therapy for children with internalizing and externalizing disorders, group and couples therapy, systemic and contextual issues in child development.

JOHN MITCHELL, Ph.D. john.mitchell@duke.edu   ADHD clinic.

KAREN C. WELLS, Ph.D.   karen.wells@duke.edu  Child and adolescent behavior therapy, behavioral family therapy, systems family therapy research on family processes and treatment in child and adolescent psychopathology.

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