Victoria Carroll, MD

Residency grad heads to Singapore to shape international medical education

Upon completing Duke’s Psychiatry Residency Program in June 2009, Victoria Carroll headed overseas to teach at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, a medical school that opened in 2007 in collaboration with the National University of Singapore. A few weeks after she arrived, Victoria shared how this extraordinary opportunity came about. 

Victoria Carroll, MD

“Dr. Grace Thrall [Duke Psychiatry Residency Director] paged me in January 2009 and asked if I might be interested in this 'great opportunity' - When she told me about it, I thought it would be a perfect experience for me. In Singapore for a year, my main role would be teaching psychiatry to medical students at the large hospital there. In addition, I would be able to help refine the medical school curriculum and help shape a brand new psychiatry residency program based on the U.S. model. It’s a nice balance between the clinical, the academic, and the administrative, plus I would really enjoy learning how psychiatry is practiced in a completely different system."

“Until Singapore, I’d lived in Virginia and the two neighboring states my whole life. But the support of Dr. Thrall and the other attendings really made this possible for me. From day one, Dr. Thrall created an environment that was characterized by unconditional support and the belief that each of us could achieve our full potential. One of the things I’m most grateful for was the freedom we had in our fourth year, which allowed me to pursue an MPH in health policy and management. The Duke program took me from such a crude, inchoate practitioner, to being confident enough to take on challenging situations like this one and succeed.”

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