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Johnny Lee, MD

Johnny Lee, MD

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000

MD, University of Virginia, 2005

Completed Med-Psych training in 2010

Associate Medical Director, The Farley Center at Williamsburg Place

Why Med-Psych?:  "Going into medical school, I had strong interests in pursuing a career in primary care. During my internal medicine rotation, I discovered that I really enjoyed taking care of patients' chronic and acute medical problems. More importantly, the possibility of establishing long-term relationships with clinic patients drew me to internal medicine. During my psychiatry clerkship, I was truly fascinated by the stories and complexity of patients with psychiatric and co-morbid medical problems. Fortuitously, I was able to work with professors who were dually trained in internal medicine and psychiatry. I observed how they were able to incorporate these interrelated fields into their practice, such as providing primary care for the mentally ill. From these experiences, I decided that med/psych was for me.  I feel that the opportunities that will come with my med/psych training are endless."

Why Duke?:  "Duke certainly has a reputation for providing excellent training in internal medicine and psychiatry. During my visit to Duke, I made a point of meeting residents who graduated from my medical school to get their perspective on what life really is like at Duke. Overwhelmingly, the residents expressed their satisfaction with the teaching they received from attendings and other residents, even when working on very busy services. Also, the variety of patients and clinical experiences available at the different training hospitals in both internal medicine and psychiatry made Duke the perfect choice for me."

Why I'd encourage others to choose Duke:  "The med/psych program definitely has a strong presence at Duke and is well respected by both the internal medicine and psychiatry departments. Having mentors who are dually trained in internal medicine and psychiatry is a real plus, especially when working on the med/psych inpatient service. The med/psych residents spend time with each other not only at weekly med/psych conferences but also at social events, such as having dinner at a resident's house. Simply said, Duke is a wonderful place for learning and making new friends."

Upon completion of his combined Medicine-Psychiatry residency training program, Dr. Lee accepted a position as Associate Medical Director at the Farley Center at Williamsburg Place, a residential treatment facility for substance use disorders in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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