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Jason Webb, MD

Jason Webb, MD

BS, University of Portland, 2002

MD, University of Nevada, Reno, 2007

Completed Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Training in 2012

Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Why Duke?:  "I had the wonderful opportunity to rotate at Duke as a sub-intern on the inpatient med/psych service during my fourth year of medical school and it was during this rotation that I truly saw the great environment created at Duke for med/psych training. It was obvious that both departments were strengthened by the dual trained attending's, and it was clear that the med/psych physicians were leaders in each department as well. In addition, and more importantly, my interactions with the Duke med/psych residents, who were all intelligent, ambitious, and driven to provide excellent patient care, were wonderful. I felt at home with the Duke med/psych residents and it was obvious that a cohesion existed within the group. Also, the Duke program fostered any clinical interest the med/psych residents had in academic medicine, from infectious disease, to heme/onc and palliative care, to academic hospitalist medicine. I knew that training at Duke would offer me the opportunity to pursue any academic interest in medicine or psychiatry I desired, and would provide the foundation in both fields needed to tackle any clinical challenge at the interface of medicine and psychiatry."

Why Med/Psych?:  "It was during my clinical experiences on psychiatry and medicine rotations that I truly felt that I was "healing" my patients, and those experiences ultimately led me towards med/psych. As a student I was fascinated with mental illness and I loved the complexity of psychopathology. In addition, I truly enjoyed the intellectualism of internal medicine specifically the emphasis on physiology and pathology. It was these subjects that individually sparked my interests, but it was the fantastic benefit of many great mentors at the U. of Nevada, who really emphasized the importance of the interaction between medical and psychiatric illness on patient care, that brought a cohesive framework to the idea of med/psych. Finally, my sub-internship experience on GenMed 12 (inpatient med/psych) at Duke during my fourth year, solidified that academic med/psych was my passion and working with the Duke med/psych attending's directly, helped me realize the awesome clinical scope and healing impact that med/psych trained physicians can have on patient care and treatment outcomes."

Clinical Interests and Future Directions:  "I have become fascinated with treating and healing our aging patients, and the unique skill set necessary to treat geriatric patients, specifically given their often complex medical issues, and comorbid mood and cognitive disorders."

Following his year as chief medical resident at the Durham VA Medical Center, Dr. Webb will pursue additional training through a Palliative Care Fellowship.

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