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David Karol, MD


BS, University of Dayton , 2003

MD, MA, Case Western Reserve University , 2007

Completed Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Training in 2012


Why Duke?:  "I chose Duke for residency because of the tremendous opportunity to work with extremely talented faculty and residents. I did a sub-I on Gen Med 12 (the medicine and psychiatry inpatient service) and was struck by how committed the faculty were to patient care. I also was amazed at how knowledgeable and helpful the residents were, which is a testament to the strength of the education you recieve at Duke." 

Why Med-Psych?:  "I chose med/psych because I have a vested interest in both disciplines. The interaction between medicine and psychiatry is ubiquitous, and the idea of gaining expertise in both fields fascinated me. Med/psych gives you a unique training, where you approach patients from multiple angles, and it allows you to expand your skills as a physician."

Clinical Interests and Future Directions:  "After residency, I hope to use my med/psych training to work with underserved populations. I am particularly interested in the unmet primary care needs of the chronically mentally ill, whose psychiatric illnesses often complicate and overshadow their medical needs, which ultimately leads to increased mortality in this population. I also have an interest in correctional medicine and public health. I hope to pursue an MPH after residency, and I am considering doing a correctional medicine fellowship as well."

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