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Combined Medicine - Psychiatry Residency

Welcome to the Combined Medicine-Psychiatry Residency! 


 Program Director, Sarah Rivelli, MD

 Program Director, Sarah Rivelli, MD

To view the Program Director's message video from Dr. Rivelli, visit this page. To read perspectives from graduates of the Duke Med-Psych program, see these pages: Kristen Shirey, MD; Johnny Lee, MD; David Karol, MD; Jason Webb, MD.  Here are links  to Med-Psych presentations in video and other formats.

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DUKE Med-Psych and the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry
Duke residents and faculty were in the house at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry in Chicago, IL, October 10-11, 2014. 
  • Duke Med-Psych residents represented the program well
    • Congratulations to Greg Brown, PGY4, for his first-place poster! 
    • Congratulations to Jim Lefler, PGY3, for his first-place vignette presentation!
  • Duke Med-Psych faculty members in attendance were Jane Gagliardi, David Karol, Sarah Rivelli, Kristen Shirey and Jason Webb (who collaborated to provide an inspiring Concurrent Session on integrated Global Health) and Wei Jiang (who gave an outstanding Presentation on Mental Stress Induced Myocardial Ischemia). 
Dr. Sarah Rivelli, Program Director for the combined Med-Psych program, is the President of the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry.  Along with other leaders in combined training, she has joined a task force to invigorate and energize the prospects of comibined training in existing and, hopefully, future programs.  We are happy to report that the future of combined training looks to be bright!  As the 2014 AMP Keynote Speaker (Dr. Paul Summergrad, APA President) noted, "Our patients come to us integrated..." and it is up to us to provide them with appropriately integrated care. 
To read about the unique aspects of Duke's Combined Medicine-Psychiatry Residency program, follow these links:  Program Overview | Curriculum | Conferences | Training Sites  |  Faculty  |  Application Process and FAQs.
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