Highlights of Duke Psychiatry—at a Glance


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 Highlights of Duke Psychiatry—at a Glance

Evidence-Based Medicine

  • A culture of EBM in a variety of disciplines at Duke
  • Extensive, practical skills training to prepare for lifelong learning, specifically in:
    • information technology
    • critical appraisal
    • medical decision-making
  • A critical mass of attendings and supervisors who use EBM to assess treatment decisions
  • Training in how to use, model and teach EBM skills


Psychotherapy Training

  • Starts early in PGY-1 year with basic skills class
  • Weekly intern process group
  • Live supervision of therapy patients behind one-way mirror starting in PGY2
  • Live supervision of couples and families 6 hours/week in PGY3 Family Studies
  • Training and supervision from faculty who teach and research a wide range of empirically-validated psychotherapies
  • Access to excellent therapy cases—including managed care patients and Duke students
  • Accessible personal psychotherapy with Duke Select insurance – generous mental healthcare benefits with excellent community therapists


Program Breadth and Flexibility

  • One size doesn’t fit all: Multiple electives and opportunities for individualized learning
  • Availability of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship, with possibility of fast-tracking
  • Wide range of mentored electives in clinical care, policy, advocacy and research
  • Options for research, global health experience, institutional concentrations in Patient Safety, Leadership, Resident as Teacher
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