A Day in the Life of a PGY2 Medicine-Psychiatry Resident: Amy Newhouse, MD

A Day in the Life of a second-year Medicine-Psychiatry Resident: Amy Newhouse


My background
Hello! My name is Amy, and I am a second year Med-Psych resident. I grew up in NY, just North of NYC, spending most of my time in the Hudson Valley.  I went upstate for college after I fell in love with the literally gorgeous gorges of Ithaca.  Looking back, I realize it was at Cornell that my dual education / training began.  There, I enrolled in a Dual Degree Program in which I earned a Bachelor of Arts in biology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  My concentrations were neurobiology and photography, respectively.  I decided to apply to medical school because I felt that through medicine, I would be able to continue to unite science and art.  I moved to Manhattan where I attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. 


Why I chose Duke
In medical school I found myself most interested in the integration of two fields, Psychiatry and Internal Medicine.  With a little research, I found residency programs geared specifically towards this already existed!  Many plane trips and interviews later, I felt that Duke was the best place to be.  In my opinion, it had the best combination of fun-loving, warm-hearted people who just happen to also be smart, innovative and quite capable. That in a place that was both academically and clinically rigorous was what I hoped for in a residency, and I've been happy with my choice ever since.  One of my favorite aspects of Duke's Psychiatry Program is its varied clinical sites including Duke, the VA, and Central Regional Hospital.  Some of my career interests include integrated mental health and primary care and psychosomatic medicine. 


My Schedule
My daily schedule varies throughout the year.  That's part of what is great about this program, the variety.  On average, I wake up at 6 and am in the hospital by 7. I get sign-out and preround on my patients for the next 2 hours.  After that, rounds! Again, these vary.  Depending on the attending, they can be "discovery rounds", where we look at the new results and the patient together or more traditionally structured rounds starting with medical student presentations.  The discussions that follow always remind me of why I came here.  Everyone has their expertise and their curiosity.  The whole team truly contributes.  After rounds, we divide and conquer to get the day's work done in an efficient time as almost every day is an admitting day on the inpatient services.  When we get that page, the process starts again.  Though daily admitting with roll-overs can be a grind, this system really enhances our efficiency and effectiveness in diagnosing and treating.  1-2 days a week I leave my inpatient service and go to clinic, either my psychotherapy clinic or my primary care clinic.  Academic half day is a protected half day on Thursdays for didactics and individual supervision.


Where I live 
Currently, I live in downtown Durham in a renovated tobacco warehouse.  I love the local scene for both day and night life. 


My favorite Triangle-area restaurant
My favorite "fancy" restaurant is Vin Rouge.  The Federal is a good restaurant for casual occasions.  Vine has best Thai food in the area



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