A Day in the Life of a PGY3 Psychiatry Resident: Reema Mehta, MD

My background
I grew up in Connecticut, and went on to complete my undergraduate degrees with a B.A. in psychology and a B.S. in biochemistry. Following that, I went to the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.


Why I chose Duke
I chose Duke for many reasons. I was interested in psychosomatic medicine, and it seemed that the consult services both at the VA and Duke both were full of interesting and complicated cases. In addition, I liked that Duke residents worked at multiple sites, which I felt would be important in exposing me to various settings I could potentially work in for the future. Also I was potentially interested in child and adolescent psychiatry at the time, and at Duke you can start your child training during your third year, which I found very unique. During my interview day and the dinner that night, I really felt like I fit in with the residents here. I had some time to explore Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill while I was visiting, and I really liked the location as well.


My schedule
I ususally get to work between 8 and 8:30 depending on my outpatient clinic that day. I typically will leave by 5 pm unless that day is particularly busy or if it is a Thursday. I have 3 half day clinics at the Mental Health clinic at the Durham VA, 3 half day clinics at the Duke Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, and 2 half days with outpatient neurology. When on outpatient psychiatry at the VA or at Duke, I often will have a new intake and several follow up visits. I do have multiple therapy patients that I see weekly or every other week. On Thursdays, my day starts with academic half-day, and then from 1:30-8:00 pm, I am at Family Studies, which has been a great therapy experience.


Where I live 
I live towards South Durham. This is a more suburban area of town closer to the mall and other shopping areas. There are some great restaurants near there as well.


My favorite Triangle-area restaurant
I love to eat, so picking one favorite restaurant is difficult. I really like Broad Street Cafe, Nanataco, and Parizade's. There are plenty more though.


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