A Day in the Life of a fourth-year Medicine-Psychiatry Resident: Anne Mathews, MD

A Day in the Life of a fourth-year Medicine-Psychiatry Resident: Anne Mathews

My background
I moved here from Charleston, SC, where I went to medical school.  My family and I moved a good bit for my father's job.  I'm orginally from a small town in northwest Mississippi, where I spent most of my childhood and early adolescence.  I later moved to Arkansas while in junior high shool for about 5 years, and then finally ended up in Marietta, GA (a suburb of Atlanta) my junior year of high school.  I'm the only girl of six children (I'm number 4, but I might as well be the oldest child since there is a 12 year age gap between myself and the youngest of my older half brothers).  I went to Furman University in Greenville, SC (a small liberal arts school) for college where I pursued a degree in Neuroscience....I always had an interest in the biological sciences, but I took a psychology course during my sophomore year and became intrigued with the interplay between biology and psychology; hence, my degree and likey why I chose combined Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. 


Why I chose Duke
I chose Duke for not only the strengths I saw in the combined residency program, but I also felt that individual IM and Psych programs were equally strong as well.  A big factor in my decision was also the people.  I really felt at home here and was surprised at the enthusiasm here. 


My Schedule
So, my schedule is different day-to-day because of the nature of my clinics, but I usually wake up early and go for a run before starting clinic, which usually begins 8:30-9am until noon.  If I happen to not exercise in the morning, I go immediately after I'm done with clinic.  During lunch, I either attend medicine noon conference (since I'm strictly on outpatient psych now) or I'm using the time to travel between my clinics (like today I drive over to the Duke Asthma and Allergy Center for my medicine clinic).  I start seeing patients again at 1-1:15pm until 5pm.  Then I spend from 5pm-6:30pm (sometimes 7pm) writing notes and doing administrative things.  If it's a particularly taxing day in clinic, I'll leave after my last patient and exercise (if I haven't done so already) and then catch up on paperwork later.  My evenings are spent either catching up on life (laundry, errands, etc.) or spending time with friends and my boyfriend.  I also love music, so lately, I've been to several concerts in the area since I have luxury of being on outpatient psych.  Occasionally, I moonlight for extra cash... : )


Where I live 
I live in an apartment in Durham not far from the hospital...I can walk to the hospital.  This was important for me coming from Charleston, where I could walk or ride my bike everywhere.   I'm still adjusting to having to drive here in Durham, even 3.5 years later.  : ) However, I very much enjoy the Chapel Hill/Carboro area as it reminds me of the community I felt in Charleston.  I love the quirkiness.


My favorite Triangle-area restaurant
My favorite restaurant....ok, I have a few because I'm a foodie and also love to cook.  Vin Rouge is definitely my favorite in Durham (obviously French).  The Lantern and Bin 54 (both in Chapel Hill) are amazing as well.  The Lantern is Asian-infusion restaurant and Bin 54 may have some of the best steak I've had (trust me, I've tried a few).  : ) 

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